The Manual Breat Pump will make a perfect gift for new parents this season.


-Three-speed adjustment lever: break the traditional manual breast pump can not adjust the drawbacks, to provide better breast pumping effect for mothers.


-Anti-countercurrent patent design: the milk is isolated from the outside air to prevent secondary pollution of milk.


-It adopts safe and environmentally friendly pp material, does not contain bisphenol A, does not produce any harmful substances, is resistant to high temperature, easy to clean, and uses more peace of mind.

Manual Breast Pump

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  • 1. Fix the vacuum duckbill valve in the circular hole in the lower part of the body of the breast pump, and insert it into the bottom to make it tightly coupled.

    2. Tighten the bottle to the bottom of the body of the breast pump tee.

    3 Pull the lever into the round hole of the vacuum cylinder.

    4 Fasten the handle to the lever and mount it on the bracket of the breast pump body.

    5 Insert the assembled vacuum cylinder into the upper part of the breast pump tee, so that the edge of the cylinder groove covers the edge of the upper part of the body of the breast pump, so that it fits snugly.

    6. Pull rod 1 file stimulates lactation 2 steps massage 3 files breast pumping mother can grasp the strength of breast pumping according to the actual situation, thus getting more milk.


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