• Material:



  • Motor voltage:

3 V


The body should not be washed, do not put the body in the water to clean.

Electric Nose Cleaner

  • 1. Five gears can be adjusted and selected by button control, simple and practical, to meet different needs

    2. Food grade silicone nozzle, soft, skin-friendly

    3. Removable design, comfortable and clean

    4. Ergonomic design, humanized curvature, comfortable to hold

    5. Rechargeable design, USB cable, easy to load, durable

    6. Anti-reflow design prevents mucus from flowing back into the nasal cavity

  • 1. Before use, soak the nozzle in hot salt water for 10 minutes, then disinfect.
    2. Install the nasal aspirator and turn the switch on to activate.
    3. If the nasal cavity is dry, spray it into the nostrils with saline or nasal spray. The nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for 4 to 5 minutes.


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